Profecias dada pelos sonhos

Muitas pessoas hoje em dia tem tido sonhos compatíveis com profecias sobre fim dos tempos.
Mas antes explicaremos que não se confunde sonhos proféticos com interpretação de sonhos, o sonhos podem ser:

- Podem ser inspirados por Deus ou proféticos, só os sonhos de Deus conseguem prever o que está por vir: "Se eles nã forem enviados pelo Altíssimo, numa de suas visitas não lhes dês atenção" (Eclo 34,6) e vemos tb a ação dos sonhos por meio de Jacó: Gn 28,10-17; 31,10-13 e etc
Ver Numeros 12,6 tb, em Mt 1,20; 2,12.19; e At 16,9. Nesse caso não se pergunta a origem do sonho, mas espara-se que Deus de a interpretação.
- Podem ser inspirados pelo maligno, geralmente a pessoa não se lembra de tal sonho, ou sofr etentaçao de fazer algo mal.
- Podem ser reflexo de si mesmo ou do seu dia a dia.

"Depois disso, derramarei o meu espírito sobre todos os viventes, e os vossos filhos e filhas tornar-se-ão profetas; entre vós, os velhos terão sonhos e os jovens terão visões! Nesses dias, até sobre os escravos e escravas derramarei o meu espírito!"
Joel 3,1-2

Recurso aos sonhos por meios ordinários de advinhação, ou seja, querer interpretar com meios pré-definidos, é censurado pelos profetas: Jr 29,8; Ecl 5,9; Lv 19,26; Dt 13,2-6.

Os sonhos relatados aqui têm sido sobre catástrofes preditas pelas mensagens e profecias, que são tsunamis, tornados, erupções vulcânicas, terremotos, meteoros e outros fenômenos cosmológicos (da natureza). Os erros de ortografia são dos próprios autores dos sonhos, que foram enviados para esse site e pegos de outros sites como o Sobre o porquê que acontecerão essas catástrofes veja aqui.


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Fire cross in the sky

I had a dream a week ago, terrible... We were coming back from the church (where my father play and sing), when he says that brought two crucifix for us but had lost, a man reach us saying the had lost his one. I began to help the man to looking for his crucifix... I found out the both crucifix that my father had lost. When I stand up seeing the Church even the city dive in great darkness, no light spotted.

Then I get lost from my father and stard to looking for him and when I find him I give a crucifix to him, embrace me and walk along slowly with me. We get in a place, a large building, wich on the entrance there is a coverage, passing by I hear a odd noise... (is this time I face the most terrifying vision of the dream). When I go to the edge of the coverage to see what happend I look up to the sky and I see a fire giant cross and its arms stretched over the sky. And it seemed fall slowly, then my father embrace me I say "the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. At this time the cross touch the ground of the earth, after this there was only fire around. Help me to understanding this dream.

Jesse, Bumenau, Brazil, 27/11/2011

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Meteors upon the earth

Hi, I am 11 years old and dreamed about a strange thing at February, 2013. I dreamt I was at home, suddenly I see a falling star in the sky, near home. After that, a red-orange meteor fell close my home. Soon after another purple meteor crushed me. A little before crushed me I had closed my eyes and opening I was in the sky, in the space. I saw at this moment a black hair woman, she was a star and suddenly became a person. I have been always controlled my dreams, but this I could not control.

Renata, Sobradinho, RS, Brazil

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Meteors upon city

Another dream I write for you. Last night I dreamt I was in a city, that I can't recall, with my mother and my husband, we saw a meteor showers falling upon in such city, destroying buildings and houses. All was cachting fire, an unprecedent fire. We ran away to protect ourselves...


Post date: 2012-01-06

Stars in the sky fall to earth

I had a weird dream, I was at airport to travel, when I went to see the airplanes in courtyard. I saw the sky in strange color, the stars started to fall. Some disapear in the air, others on the ground causing heavy explosions, but I remained there watching to the stars, that sounded beautiful for me. I didn't scared, on contrary, I felt relief and very curious to known all that meant, It was beautiful, but very danger.

Oneilpro at January, 17, 2012

Post date: 2012-01-17

Tsunami northeast of Brazil

The dreams were always New Year's eve, we were spent the new year at the beach and It have been always a tsunami, all people waiting the fireworks, suddenly the tsunami get close and everyone run away, then we got a train, everyone striving to get on the train to flee. But no one could reach any place. Another dream, water was coming out of the ground, at the beach, always.
Andreia Samara - Fortaleza, Brazil 

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Flood, meteors, pole shift and likely rapture to safe places

I have had countless dreams on sea. I have been dreamt for over a year about flood of water related to sea. I am either in the wave or traying to scape from the wave, or on the sand run away to not be caught, or above the event in the air watching what is happening.

February 2012

I have continued dreaming about waters. Specially yesterday, I had a bad dream. There were no waters, but meteors blazed across the atmosphere, devastating many places. I remember wear a warm clothe and go to street with my relatives. I heard guides from strange beings saying: "You were chosen and saved. Take only the necessary for you will do a trip" And the voice again: "The erath will face great changes... God save you... Those remain here is going to see terrible things and will be able to see things the human eyes ever saw, there will be pole shift..."

Rubia - Congonhas, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Disclaimer of this website: We don't believe in rapture, only a light rapture placing the chosen ones to safe places on earth.

Post date: 2012-11-17

Meteors in Europe

I have a dream today, resume from the first one that I had! I dreamed about balls of fire faling from the sky and tail of comets. The first one was the same way but the second one in detail! It was night. There was not destruction. It was confirmed by a video that I saw. I saw on internet a fire ball that was shot. Looked that one I saw.

Joana, Lisboa, 12/20/2011

Post date: 2011-12-20

Tsunami and persecution

I had a weird dream on end times, I have dreamt many times about the city where I live. It is located in Northeast of Brazil and It is flooded by giant waves, the residents were terrified at the sight of the wave. I remember clearly that came down the stairs and I run desperately towards my mother and kneeling praying to God. What the most drew my attention was Arab men persecuting and killing christians, and burning their houses. It reminded me the nazist police invading homes and torturing people.

Gomes, Natal, Brazil

Post date: 2013-01-01

Persecution of the Church

Hi, my name is Mônica Souza I am Catholic. Since my childhood I have weird dreams, I have never understood that apocalyptic dreams. I saw Our Lady, Saint Raphael, Michael and Gabriel, Jesus, Demons. They struggle great battles in the dreams. Many Dreams come true. One day I ask God why I had such dreams and He gave me Revelation 1 (YOU READ).


The Catholic Church in this time will suffer a lot. I dreamed about the Vatican collapse, and I believe that from this fall the Church will face much persecutions. I ask our protestant brothers for pray for us. and they understand the importance of Mary in the End Times.


A dream that I had about Our Lady, she told me: "Pray, my daugther, since the heaven is empty"


Ribeirão das Neves City, Brazil

Post date: 2013-01-01

Rio de Janeiro, beautiful sky and black cloud

It is unbearable write it down on my diary. The last week I had a warning dream: A angel took me to the sky and showed me how looked the sky in the night when the tsunami largely hit and devast the city. The moon will be full, a beauty sky, cloudless sky, blue, much beautiful.  The angel smiled and said, "How ironic, in a such beautiful night... A sadness event will take place in this city!"


A friend of mine came in my home and told that she had a similar dream, a heavenly energy showed her the sky in the night... She sighted a great black cloud, with scared aspect, that could be seen far away. As I was wachting the cloud I had been told that I would have time to get a bus and go to a higher place, in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro (Petrópolis, Teresópolis etc). When Esmeralda told me this I get more worried, but not so much. After dinner Esmeralda went upstairs to talk to Eva, and Eva told was given the same message: the tsunami will not take much time to come.

Atma, Rio de Janeiro

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Carry away like rapture

It is not the rapture to heaven, but the person is carring towards safe places.

My name is Cristiano vieira, I am going to outline a vision I had at 03/25/2011. I was with two friends, walking in the Brasilia streets, Diego asked us if we would like to watch a car race, and we were get the car. I saw my friends walking up a hill, I looked up and a giant wave from the sea made of water and fire. Many asked us what was happen. We run away faster down the hill, my friends were left behind. The wave covered me and I could not swin and stayed paralysed.

I looked up to the sky it was about 5:00 p.m. I saw darkness setting off and many balls of fire falling from the sky. Many people swimming desperately and drowning. I asked Jesus: Why Jesus, will you leave me die here, I'm a good person, I never stole, smoked, I believed ever your messages? Then I strong wind take me to a dry and safe place. Further down, I saw a woman and asked her what she was doing, she answered me: I'm taking pictures of the falling balls of fire. Then I told: You can see what is happen, these chastisements is to non-believers of Our Lady messages, Then I woke up.

cristiano vieira, Teresina PI, recebida em 10/02/2012

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Angels show pain and suffering

I would like to tell a dream that I had. Since it moved me much, it seemed very real. I was sleeping and I appeared in a odd place and there appeared three angels, only one of them talked with me, the others were like protectors. The angel ahead who talked with me called me to follow him, afterwards a calm and soft voice told me to go along with him, it would be necessary.

The angels took me to the past, I watched all the facts reported in the Bible. Afterwards the angel told that I would know the future, then I told him that I did not want to see, but the voice told me that it would be necessary. Then the angels took me to stay stand over a tree. I closed my eyes and said that I would not to see, but he asked me to open my eyes. It would be necessary to see what is coming. I could only feel the pain and suffering in that place, the suffering of the people, then I asked them to take me back, since I would not want to see that but the voice asked me again, and I asked to take me back, than the voice told the angels to bring me back, they did as told, and I was taking back to my house where my body was lying down.

kelly, suzano-SP, Brazil

Post date: 2012-03-03

Meteors and the coming of the Lord

I don't believe in dreams when one think much on a subject and one dream afterwards. But this dream about the end fo the world was unexpected, I really haven't thought on that and the dream warned me about the life I was living.

I was walking in the street near home along with a friend of mine, looking to the sky I ball of fire falling speedly, in seconds hit the ground, far away, then I look a giant explosion triggered by the ball of fire spreading around. When the explosion was getting closer by me, I saw a shed of light and suddenly I was in a rocky ground, it seemed the top of a moutain, among several people.

I saw a light beam coming from the sky, and in the middle of that light beam there was a man in white garments, but even looking at his face it was not possible to form a image of that face on my mind, it was confused, as I was not able to interpret that features.
Then I tried cross the crowd to reach the man, halfway I became  very happy in finding my mother in the crowd. When I was very close the man I woke up, very intrigued. Then I got up from bed since it was morning.

lucas oliveira Monday 11, Jul 2011

Post date: 2011-07-11

Message from God through prayer

On tuesday 01/24/2012, I was praying to the Lord Jesus, I was revealed spiritualy an appeal from the Lord for the whole Church, the vision through the Spirit was strong and blessed me, in tongues, revelations, I need to make know for all brothers in Christ, I hope to touch you!!!

"the evil will come upon the Church, strengthen in My word, be strong, do not fear. I am with you beloved sons. I love you with incomparable love, reprove your enemy, testimony to the nations of Me, my children. I am real, I am true, do not be indifferent to me, I exist. I am real, real, real, real. Children, listen, listen to your Father's appeal. I am coming with power and glory, coming soon, be strong be loved ones. I say to you, do not fear, I am your God, I love you, love, my spirit longs for you, I speak openly through my daugther, do not fear, I am with you, the evil is around, he is furious. Pray, pray, pray, pray. These words are true. I am in distress in My heart, Hear me, who has an ear, let him ear the Saint. I love all my children. My angels are ready, I have messengers throughout the world, Listen to the prophets!"

Glory to God 

Post date: 2012-01-30

Sky turn red

I had a strange dream today, I was at grandmother house and we went out to see what was happening outside, looking towards the beginning of the street we saw a light in the shape of the sun, altought the light was white and the people looked to there. Sunddenly, the light fade out and all became dark and the sky red, I asked a person in the street the what the time was, to know if it was evening, she replied that was noon. Suddenly a great emptyness and sadness came over all of us and we hurried into home. Soon after a dog like a wolf came with force to attack us, we locked the door but it had so strength that I tried to put many things to not open the door. It stopped and I missed my sister that was with me, and I noticed she was outside I hurried to see her, I saw the dog/wolf eating her, it was terrible, it seemed the great tribulation, since I could not see anyone being raptured.

Post date: 2011-11-10

Pleading for the mankind

Apocalyptic vision

The visions come with open eyes like through a portal I begin to see volcanoes erupting, tsumani, giant earthquakes, war, large scale destructions, whole cities collapsing, vehicles flying off likely by an great explosion, individuals with open wounds rotting.

In despair, I cry to God to help us, do not let that happen. I hear a voice: "God doesn't have patient anymore with the man and the time of the harvest is getting close"
I  implored the Father with all my heart, and all my strength, I cried, implored Jesus to forgive the mankind, asked in tears and painful screams for hours that my Mother Mary, Mother of Jesus, to interced before the Father my Lord God, a new chance to humanity, I pleaded bowing with the face to the ground, a opportunity to do anything.

Again I hear the voice, "prophesize the God's word and many and will be save, but the time of the harvest is near, pain and suffering will hit the mankind, what you need know you will be revealed in the proper time" soon after I recover my consciousness. I was sensitive by this vision, my nerves was weak, I had cried for many days in a row, today is not easy to say about it. Since that I had some experiences like that, with the same message to testimony the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, since the tribulation is coming.

Post date: 2011-11-16

Tsunami slams northeast of Brazil

This dream I tell you I suppose be serious. Quite serious. The dream is short, I prefer not indentify myself, for some reasons. I dreamed at twice that a tsunami is likely to slam the Brazil, accurately the northeast of Brazil. A giant wave will kill everybody. I this dream I saw many people worried with the coming of the wave and I believe that they are angels of God, They were there to help when it comes true. Well, I telling since, my dreams came true in general. But I hope that do not come true. Well, we will see.
May God's peace be with you. 

Post date: 2011-11-20

New Jerusalem and tame animals

I dreamed the day before yesterday, I looked to the sky and a rainbow beautiful and colorful, I was delighted, after I saw an wall, and this wall was from Jerusalem city, that was descending upon the earth, I hurried to gather my family saying to them to enter home, since it was midnight all would take place.

I watched the tame animals approaching my house, I realized that even the animals were knowing what would to happen soon, it was preparing themselves, even the feroucious animals from other dreams like a bull that wanted caught me, it was now tame, and have not threatened any more, I trusted on them.

Post date: 2011-11-27

Lavas e perseguição islâmica

Once, this year, I dreamed that the world was swallow by a large tsunami. Not a tsunami of water, but of volcanic lava. I remember climbing a Minas Gerais mountain, trying to escape from the lava that was coming. I realized in this dream the media and press reporting this fact in a dramatic way. It was like a vivid dream, term we use in medicine, when the sensation is very real. Waking up, I had doubt if it was real or a dream.

Another dream, past year, I was in a arab country, to working or visiting, the such country is tooking place a Islamic revolution. It seemed that secular government was overthrown and a extremist islamic government taking over. I was in the wrong place, being a christian I was in the line of political and religious prisoners, towards a jail or a dungeon. Suddenly, I left the line revolted and start to say to the islamic guards who watched the captives "fuck you all, fuck the Koran and ..." I woke up soon. The guards didn't have time to shot me. Lol

Post date: 2013-01-01

Who pray, can escape

I dreamed I could see someone dropping a non-manmade bomb at the Corcovado's feeta all was destroyed in Rio de Janeiro. I felt, without know, that was the God's wrath. The explosion tune was green and blue. The danger cloud was approaching my building in Laranjeiras neighborhood, and pray at once. I felt that the prayer created a protection around me and saved me, except the things surround me, where nothing remained survived, buildings, trees and people, all were vanished.

Post date: 2013-01-01

Star glow and tsunami in Rio

A angel warned me in 2003 about a sign in the sky, a strong glow like a star, when it come true to run away to the mountains. I did not care until a month after the angel returned in other dream and rather angry repeated the warning.

Post date: 2013-01-01

Tusnami Rio, when it occurs

I am astonished how many people dreaming about tsunami that hits brazilian coast causing destruction and deaths. At this morning (9/23/2011) I joined that people. I dreamed that I was in Rio downtown and felt a earthquake shaking the grounds I knew that it was around magnitude 6. Next, I rushed to the building I work in Rio Branco Avenue to the 17th floor. There, after the quake I thought that the worst was over, but next the window overlooking Guanabara bay, I heard much horns of the boats sounding to warning people on land that a great tsunami was approaching.

Unfortunately, It wasn't possible to save the people in the street when the wave arrived, destroying all, pressing persons to the window due to water pressure, I heard screams, from children, women and men. And the most intriguing: a child voice whispering to me "prayer, pope, judgement" over and over, as if it was warning me when the chaos take place. I undertood that could happen when the Pope make a prayer about the Final Judgement, the Apocalypse, but I am not sure. Anyway the warning is given, if you fell a earthquake in Rio rush out to high ground to save yourselves. Hugs Marcelo

Post date: 2011-09-23

Tsunami in Northeast of Brazil

I had a weird dream on End Times, before this one I had many before using the internet, since they warned me on tsunami to happen in Brazil northeast and other places. Now, I am telling you the last dream, spaceships appear to kill everybody.

Post date: 2011-09-01

Jesus warns

First of all, if you dream on End Times and you are christian, there is a reason, you sure read about this issue, and keep it in mind. But certain cases many people have visions. I dreamed on 15th day, Jesus would come back to do justice, and I ever dream that the world is ending. In a dream Jesus told me: The Day is coming, the time is running out and many things. Don't believe that the world will end in 2012 or September 11, because only God knows the day, neither prophet or anybody else knows (Matthew 24:36), now, pray is enough, keep faith, to be saved. Furthermore, the judgement will judge the righteous and the wicked ones.

Francielli on

Post date: 2011-09-08

Giant wave struck south of Brazil

I have been dreamt on tsunami a long time ago, though never happen with me. After the great wave, I look for a survivor. The last dreams ones were very real and came to my attention: I was in a balcony watching the great wave approaching and at the same time it winds and rains, then I grab a Our Lady of Perpertuo Socorro painting and raising it ask the Mother to save us, pray for us and to calm down the storm, and suddenly all calm down and a great peace spring. Let's gather in prayer, Peace of Christ be with you! May Our Lady pray for us. Hugs

Adriana from Campo Largo, Paraná, Brazil

Post date: 2013-01-01

Angels picking up people

Hi! I have been seeking a website like this, since I had a dream that has get me perplexed, part of the dream as I tell further, made me thoughtfully a day long. I was in my hometown in Rio Grande do Sul, with my sister and suddenly I hear wierd sound from the sky, like a drum, scare sound, and suddenly, we looked a Angel sounding his trumpet, and some people gathering together. We saw legions of Angels sounding trumpets, going down to holding hands of some people and taking them to the sky, I lifted my hands an Angel hold my hand and I felt going up, I closed my eyes fearing to fall, I sighted that was far from the ground, I was worried about my parents. I woke up by the phone ringing. I would not care since another dreams had come true like the one I dreamed about my current husband. I had this dream about the Angels before move from RS.

Bianca from Balneário Camboriú, RS, Brazil

Post date: 2013-01-01

Giant wave in São Paulo coast

My name is Mayra I'm 24 years old and moved to paulista coast recently. When my husband and we were looking for a house on the coast and I had a dream which left me frightened and after reading these prophetic dreams, I can't interpret it. Help me!

The dream was in Monguagá - SP, a giant wave came towards the beach, at the first I was alone, but when I saw the wave and glanced around some relatives were with my mother. I shouted out to my mother to leave out the sand. I was next to an wall holding myself and trying to climbing it and calling my mother "come on, hold my hand" and I shouted out for my daughter "where is duda..." My mother said that duda was at home.

The giant wave seemed in slow motion, people running away, despair, cry and screams. I could see the buildings behind me, I woke up when the wave hit the wall I was, it appeared that there was no sand.

Mayra Karen

Post date: 2013-01-01

Tsunami in São Paulo

I am 53 years old and eleven years ago I have been had the nightmare but didn't able to name it since I did know the word Tsunami, only in 2004. I was born in Santos, SP, Brazil, and have told to the neighboors and relatives the such nightmares that I have still today these dreams are so real that I wake up with heart arrhythmia and rushed to the window to see if the sea invaded, relieved, but in my dream I saw great wall of water that I couldn't see the end it was taller than the buildings around, I was shouting and running, but soon I woke up.

Five years ago, I climbed the moutains with my son, now I live in SP but I have my family there, then I fear for them. This year (2011) I have dreamt twice about it. In the dream today I am in spirit crying out but the waters didn't wetting me. I told to my friends about these dreams and they told me other people dream about it. In recent years I have prayed more, May God protect us. Be with God.

Maria Aparecida de Jesus

Post date: 2013-01-01

The Rio's tsunami goes far beyond the city

I am a non practicing christian. It is really dramatic how my dreams about giant waves are intense. I dreamed three times, even with a blue sky, a great wave hit the hill in my city. I live in a geographical region called Baixada Fluminense. Once I saw the wave hitting the hill I thought what would happen to the people in the Capital of Rio de Janeiro, since I live distant from the downtown. In the dream I wet my feet and tasted that it was surely from sea because it was salty. Once I wake up I feel that something serious are about to happen, and many lives to be lost.

May the Lord has mercy on us.

Alexandro Manso

Post date: 2013-01-01

The cross in the sky

I would like to share with you my dream that affected my life. It is short because I could only remember it. I dreamed that my relatives, and other people coming to the church of Holy Trinity, outside I looked to the sky and it was gray and soon a cross has shaped, but it is made of smoke, the sky was burning, and I has said that cross is the sign of the Lord and asked to everyone to kneel and starting to pray. After I woke up and became concerned. Let's gather in faith and pray a lot!

Hugs for all

Post date: 2013-01-01

Meteors and signs in the sky

I have had others dreams along the time, ever before great disasters. I can distinguish it from others because when I wake up I have the strong feeling and like it was real and beyond physical senses. In these days I had another one the at same kind on Final Judgement. Some things were remarkable; meteors falling, people scared and running. The sky became dark, I saw many lightning and signs that I could not understand... but I felt this was the hour of Judgement... Many people watching to the sky and regretted... because did not believe that day would not come.

Crying, they did not want to believe. At once I saw chaos, fights... a strange light surrounding everything.


Post date: 2013-01-01

Earthquakes, tsunami and volcanoes

From the social network Orkut

Yuri -
I dreamed on a tsunami in 05/07/2006 07:11 p.m.
I was seeing great waves coming from many places, but it was just a dream, the wave coming and suddenly I was in another place, and saw tha wave again.

Adriana -
03/04/2006 04:23 p.m.
I know a guy that talked to me on earthquake after on tsunami happen in Rio de Janeiro. He had this dream was 4 years old and therefore devoted himself to prophecies his entire life.

brasileiro -
I received a dream that pictured a volcano erupting, fire and blast of lava like missiles through the sky. Distress and fear for not escaping in time. I can't say what will happen neither when, but it will be terrible.

Post date: 2006-03-04

Earthquake followed by tsunami

It was near 08:00 a.m. when my wife woke me up.

The dream.
I was at the back of my house when looked out of the window and the sea was invanding the city, the level of the water was very high, and the first water flooded a lot, soon after another one stronger passing through my house I became terrified because it threw corpses on my window. But in spite of this I noticed that my house was sure, unshaken, just a tremble. I looked up and said: 'God I am feeling myself protected and nothing can hurt me, because that things always happen aqnd nothing have hit me'. And God warned me: 'Do not test, do not test' I understood that untill that moment I was protected by catastrophes, but it was warnings from God to me. I must not underestimate his protection, but that God was trying to speak to me about something about to take place.

When my wife woke me up, I was nervous and breathless.

I begin to thought that it was the last warning or dream on catastrophes and invasion waters from the sea. Nowadays, I know that something will happen soon, the invasion water in some place I fear it might be São Paulo coast.

Post date: 2005-12-31

More tsunami dreams

Rose - We have dream on giant waves
I am 45 years old, I have a son who is 16 and a daugther who is 14 and we all have dreams on giant waves since childhood. Curiously, I am respectful for the sea. I was not born in coast and for 18 years I have lived next the sea. Why we have this kind of dream? I often wake up scared with waves about to hit me or knocking down whatever is on the way to catch me... then I wake up. Sometimes an earthquake take place near the place I am. If you can explain to me about this issue, thanks in advance. Good weekend for you. Kisses, Rose.

Post date: 2005-09-09

Friends dreaming on tsunami

Laísa Hi people
I'd like to share with you: I found that two friends of mine dream on The giant wave! I am astonished, particularly are early friends and we seem to search the same thing of me, although I don't know what.

One of my friends have been dreamt about the wave in her adolescence and after stopped, and came back these dreams, another friend still dream about.

The first friend mentioned sometimes dream on thing that would happen.

Post date: 2005-11-03

164 foot wave

Níquel Náusea
I have never prophetic dreams, tough I had a dream about an 50 meters (164 foot) wave and was about to hit Itanhaem, São Paulo. It was a enormous wave, scaring! A water hill! I can't confirm that it was prophetic.
Once I had a dream, I don't remember, but waking up I could see clearly the map of Brazil in front of me with arrows pointing n the center of the map, a voice said me: You must go to the heart of Brazil.

Post date: 2006-03-06

Real tsunami

Is is the second dream in one week
I dreamed about a meteor and great waves arriving the beach that I stayed and I posted it one or two weeks ago, but three day later I had another dream on meteorite falling into ocean, this time it was night and in the morning the waves were great, all dark, dirty. I looked from a building of my friend by the beach.

This building shaken a lot and suddenly a bigger wave reach our floor, then the building started to crack, I rushed to the balcony and we fell on the sand, the building curved and fell into sea and was dragged. When I looked all the beach, the great waves pulled many people that was on sand, screams and drowning, corpses scattere. One thing drew my attention, other people lay down, elder, women and children, watching that from a far place... all lay on something like stretchers, still I and my friend passed over them... it was strange...
hugs for all...peace 

Post date: 2006-06-05

More dreams on Rio's tsunami

04/06/2006 21:20
I myself dreamed about tsunami in Copacabana, but I would able to escape, astonishing see many people dreaming about the same.


06/06/2006 21:47
I had dreamed already on a tsunami invading a part of RJ, but I was in the hills of grajaú-jacarépaguá, on the high ground part, I could see all from there.. the destruction was clear, particularly the wave vanishing the buildings, it was later afternoon and there was a traffic jam in the hills.. I think that people were fleeing from that event.


07/05/2006 13:16
these days I also had a dream very real... about tragedy too...
actually... it were two dreams each in two days in a row...
summing it up... the Rio population was in panic as the greeeeeaaaat wave approach....
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Giant wave - Dream
I have often dreamed the same dream. A giant wave, I and my son were in the water as we see that great wave... and it was night... I was really astonished, because I had the same one about five times, then I came searching. I became troubled, since I saw many dreams equal my one.
There would be it a prediction?
I often go to Rio and I have relatives there... 

Post date: 2006-05-01

Waves hit Salvador

Lulamann -
05/03/2006 15:12
The dream dawn was the same at WTC night. I dream much on a tsunami in atlantic ocean. Sometimes I am on the high seas and see giant waves coming to Brazilian coast (it seemed about 100 m or 328 feet), sometimes I can see Salvador (where I live) being invaded by the sea... the waves was around 20 meters or 65 feet high. Another dream I was at Farol da Barra and a wave around 80 meters or 262 feet high, I remember saying "ohh shi..!". I have many dreams on afterwards the tsunami, my city in ruins, destroyed, and many dreams on Salvador being rebuilt, different from nowadays.

Post date: 2006-03-05

Real dream on Rio de Janeiro

Sonho 01/06/2006 11:43
It is the second topic that I make on this issue, and I am outside these subjects, but sometimes I have strange dreams, which happen like this one, this night at 5 a.m. a rather early before wake up, to go work, I dreamed as follow, dream full of details:

It was raining as I wacthing TV and it rained a lot, a news report from the beach reporting about the rain and the cold, the beach was Praia da Barra and all seemed perfect, the buildings, like it was live recording, when the video camera is turned and show a great blue wave, and speak run, run, and I see a blue ne on TV and nothing more else and I think to myself, a lot of people would have died, then I get in my car, it is raining a lot, I find a friend of mine which I haven't seen him anymore, then he say to me, get out of the city that that things will grow bad, then I ask him to get in the car as I see around flooding, then he turn to me and say, the sea will take over all that some neighboors are already flooded. Then I wake up from this weird and very real dream, I am not lying, it may be other things it meant, but that is funny that I woke up and it was raining a lot, I didn't turned on the TV before to go out as I usually do, lol, hug for all, I want known your comments.

Post date: 2006-06-01

Fire from sky

tive um sonho muito real 07/05/2006 11:52
I have a real dream. It was 6 a.m., the sun was rising as usual. A strong light was coming as the sun rising. The air boiled, increasingly getting closer, destroying everything that it has touched.
I ran a lot, threw myself into a lake, when I emerged, there was death around, all was turned into ashes.
I and my mother only had survived.
The rest around was darkness and the death spread a smell in everyplace.
I woke up shocked and that picture is in my mind untill today. 

Post date: 2006-05-07

Antarctic volcanoes

SONHO NITIDO 20/03/2006 10:03
Ola a todos

I had a clear dream for the first time in my live.
I saw a volcano erupting and melting much snow and a voice told it was in Antarctic. I woke up and forgot that, but today at work in a talking about environment nd fishes. Someone told me that Buzios (where I live) arrive sea currents from Antarctic. Soon this word was pronounced I remembered the dream very clear.

I don't know when. Neither if there is volcanoes there and wheter are active. If so, it will melt much snow.

Mônica Melgaco

Post date: 2006-03-20

Days of darkness

I have been sick with my dreams... 05/07/2006

- In the dreams it is night, when by the hour should be day light.

- The power outage makes me feel bad, but not a phisical ache, maybe a breathlessness. In the dreams I try to turn on the lights, they lit but the light doesn't illuminate the place, the light doesn't come out.

- In three dreams parishes from my hometown collapsing. The worst was when I and my godson were in the cathedral, which begin to collapse I call him and I got out, but he remained there and died, I woke up crying.

- Mud, much mud everywhere, clothes scattered, and empty views, empty streets and dark. I am alone in general, even the buildings were with mud.

- A dream one I was inside home, 11 a.m., but it was night outside, I was in panic, walking around, weeping, turning the lights on tough it was no use, dirty with mud and my clothes scattered on the ground.

Finally, those dreams have puzzled me due to the same features in them: darkness during the daylight, mud and clothes scattered and those buildings collapsing.

Post date: 2006-07-05

The angels battle

Well, I would like to share a weird thing that have happened with me... Recently, I have dreamt about battles, I am in a field plenty of angels and demons fighting. Many times I had dreamt on a Our Lady Shrine, and recently this dream occurred again, but this time the Shrine was destroyed, her picture was cracked and crying, a strange people was there laughing and putting fire around... And these dreams are only two out of many dreams. The weird that it appeared very real!!! I can remember everything!
I would like to known if someone faced this once, since I know that God said in Revelation (actually at Joel 3) that the teens would have visions... What do you consider?

Well, the battle dream is the most usual... I am in a enormous field, the weather is cloudy, behind me a city where I just get out, there are many persons injured praying, they don't fight, but hiden as if in a refuge protected by the army made up of angels and some men and women. I am in an armor and a sword in my hand. When I look ahead an enormous swarm of angels and demons fighting. The battle follow and the army of God begin to lose I start ask God to help them, then enormous beams of light coming out between the clouds and I see more angels and Our Lady coming to help. And the battle continue, but I can't see the end


Post date: 2013-01-01

Tsunami northeast of Brazil

The Day of darkness

I was take in spirit towards a city in the coast, there a angel showed me what will happen soon.

The angel showed what is coming to occur, carrying a large stick.
Showed me a lighthouse by a troubled sea.
The city seemed to be in the northeast of Brazil, maybe Salvador, since I could see great level of difference between high ground and low ground of the city.

The angel showed me many people, with brightly and coloured clothes, a frenetic dance with acohol embranced the people and created a dark aura around them.
The angel take me down there, and I felt a strong smell, that gives off from the feast was such that turned the environment close the evil forces.

As I watch up to the sky, the rain fall over people running away, seeking for shelter, and the worst I see, the sea hit the city destroying its lighthouse, houses and buildings affecting all the coast.

It appeared Salvador, but I am not sure neither the angel revealed to me, then came upon me a strong wind that put me among the people who were trying to escape from the sea, from the rainning and rats that infested the city.

The angel said me that of all I saw will happen as a punishement for the evil behavor of the men, all would be soon and I was unable to avoid these events.

I prostrated myself at the angel's feet and begged him to help the people of that city, the angel told me, "As you see, the man that follows the goodness and purity of heart shall be protected from the twists and turns and cloudy events, however when the man let enter in their heart the hate, the faithless and unruly habits, walk on a tightrope, and every moment can fall to one or another side, then let His God's will be done, state the scriptures, and the man will decide their future."

I am coming soon.
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

Hugs for all
Paulo Katz

Post date: 2013-01-01

Phenomena and meteors

I have dreamt on climatic catastrophes since I was a child, but today I have dreamt on people running in the street and possessed by demons. I dream on balls of fire coming from the sky and churches being destroyed.

Post date: 2013-01-01

New earth and tsunami

I have seen many dreaming about tsunamis recently.
I have dreamt a 4 months ago. Almost everyday I dream about huge waves. I am telling the one which was very actual.
I was in a beach with friends and something inside me said me that is going to happen a tsunami.

The first tsunami was little a throw me to a wall. Followed the second one and others tsunamis. Suddenly I find myself in an apartment and from the balcony I see a huge tsunami, the largest one. I asked two persons that was with me to lock the door, and I watched the waters passing below the door and a drop of water touched my finger the boy and girl with me desappeared.

The water went through and I was there alone. I opened the door and a man crying for be alive. Another called me I saw and all was a large field and few animals, it appeared all to be new.

I saw a golden baby in a golden cradle.
I saw a man of gold with a bow and a voice came into my mind "they tried to kill this baby", after I saw a old man with white hair and dressed in a long cloth and different, and he desappeared after I had followed him. He told me something like the world were to be prepared to the coming of the baby and the ocean would change its place, to a new earth. The new world was so beatiful and green, but with few animals.
This is my dream.

Post date: 2013-01-01

Idolatry in Asia

Hi, my name is Bruno, I am a Christian through God's mercy, baptized with the Holy Spirit. Recently I've been dreamt about vary apocalyptic signs, signs in the sky, meteors, souls flying, demons frighten people. But my last dream caught my attention, it was last night, I was in front of a Buddhist temple. From that place I saw a several hills around and a great wall very similar the Great Wall of China. In front of the temple there was a big gold statue of Buddha, and inside the temple people worshiped it and suddenly an earthquake start to shake the hills and the great wall, destroying them... (It was clear that earthquake was the wrath of God) the people looked terrified claiming to the statue. I just ran away from the temple and remained safe.

"if my people who bear my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my presence and turn from their wicked ways, then I will listen from heaven and forgive their sins and restore their country."
2 Chronicles 7:14

Post date: 2014-02-01

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